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Seoul City to Expand ‘Smart City’ Trial Services


SEOUL, March 18 (Korea Bizwire)The Seoul Metropolitan Government said Wednesday that it will expand the scope of ‘Smart City’ trial services this year.

Since 2019, the city government has studied the effect of the smart city services by running trial programs in Seongdong and Yangcheong districts. The city plans to launch four new smart city services this year.

First, the ‘Smart Right-Turn Alert’ will be installed in the corner of a road in front of an elementary school in Seongdong District.

This system will help prevent accidents by informing right-turning drivers through flashing lights or videos when there is a pedestrian at the corner.


The city government will also distribute GPS-embedded location tracking bands to 150 severely disabled people living in Yangcheon District, aimed at helping their families to find them as quickly as possible through cooperation with the district office’s control center when they are missing.

For 300 single-elderly and vulnerable families, AI speakers that provide customized information on weather and news, while comforting the elderly who is alone, will be distributed.

Finally, the smart clean bus stops installed in two locations in Yangcheon District automatically adjust the level of fine dust, air sterilization and air cooling and heating through an IoT-based self-control system.

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