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Nielsen Catalina Solution Announces First Major Single-Source Measurement Study for Radio Advertising

Radio Advertisements Deliver Six Dollars in Sales for Every One Dollar in Ad Spend  (image: Nielsen Catalina Solutions)

Radio Advertisements Deliver Six Dollars in Sales for Every One Dollar in Ad Spend (image: Nielsen Catalina Solutions)

CINCINNATI, Mar 31, 2014 (Korea Bizwire) - Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), the leader in helping consumer  packaged goods (CPG) advertisers improve return on advertising spend by  linking what consumers watch with what they buy, has teamed with Nielsen  Audio to pioneer the first single-source measurement tool built for the  radio industry. Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (Clear  Channel) first piloted this innovative measurement approach in 2013 and  is one of the radio networks included in this study.

At the Advertising Research Foundation’s RE:THINK Conference on March  24, NCS and Clear Channel presented the results of a comprehensive study  to determine how radio advertising influences actual retail sales, and  measures the return on the investment. The overall finding was that for  every dollar spent on advertising, there was a sales return of six  dollars on average for those exposed to the ads in the prior 28 day  period. This work was sponsored by Nielsen as part of an ongoing  initiative to expand insight into the effectiveness of radio as an  advertising medium. The sales impact was measured for the specific media  buys of 10 brands, each of which had different combinations of radio  networks.

This group of 10 brands, which included eight CPG and two retailer  brands, provided the foundation for the first normative database for  radio effectiveness. Another key finding was that radio delivers a  strong consumer sales response close to the time of purchase. The closer  the exposure is to purchase, the higher the response. African Americans  and Hispanics also showed higher responses to exposure.

How it works: The Portable People Meter (PPM) from Nielsen Audio  detects inaudible watermarks embedded in the audio portion of a  broadcast program or commercial. The PPM tracks what station was heard  at what time. The listener information for specific commercials is then  linked to 60 million households of frequent shopper data in a single  source view to determine how the radio ads influenced the sales of  products that were purchased in the listener’s household. All matches  are performed in a privacy-compliant, non-personally identified manner.

“The advertising industry has longed for a much more comprehensive  understanding of the effectiveness of audio advertising,” said Leslie  Wood, Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions. “Our  single-source measurement solution will help advertisers better  understand where their ad spend will have the most sales impact and can  best be used for future campaigns.”

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this study,” said Radha  Subramanyam, Executive Vice President, Insights and Analytics, Clear  Channel Media and Entertainment. “We have always known that radio  delivers big returns for advertisers and these studies provide the much  needed support of that return. The deep personal connection and trust  that consumers have to their radio stations and on air personalities  generates significant value for advertisers.”

About Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Nielsen Catalina Solutions provides the most comprehensive single-source  view of advertising to help consumer package goods marketers, agencies  and media companies measure and improve advertising performance by  precisely linking what consumers watch and what they buy.

The joint venture between Nielsen and Catalina integrates “watch”  information from industry-leading Nielsen People Meter (NPM), Portable  People Meter (PPM) and Nielsen Online, cable set-top-box data, and  multi-media viewing data from NCS’s channel partners. The “watch” data  is matched with the “buy” data from Nielsen Homescan® and nearly 70  million shopper households from Catalina. This single-source view  provides the retail sales impact of TV, online, mobile, CRM, radio and  print advertising. Nielsen Catalina Solutions is headquartered in  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Visit  to learn more.

Source: Nielsen Catalina Solutions (via Business Wire)

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