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Namdaemun, the first National Treasure of South Korea (Wikemedia Commons)

Namdaemun, the first National Treasure of South Korea (Wikemedia Commons)

Greeting from Editor-in-chief and CEO: Welcome to Korea Bizwire

We created Korea Bizwire with a simple motto: to be Korea-savvy to get ahead in the Asian age. Of late, Korea has come into the spotlight once again largely by her dynamic cultural prowess — “Gangnam Style” by Psy is typical of the case — but Korea is rich with other wonderful sources of pride, such as Korean cuisine, fashion, entertainment, shipbuilding, automobiles and last and most importantly, info-tech businesses.

Korea, started out as the world’s poorest nations in the 1960s and now ranked one of the top-ten largest economies, is a manufacturing powerhouse with the rapidly growing info-tech and financial services sectors, with global tech giants like Samsung and LG in the home.

Korea is now at a crossroads as to whether it can emerge as a major force in Asia and beyond. Confronted with geopolitical risks mostly rising from the standoff with the North Korea, South Korea has gone through a series of crisis moments; “Korea Discount” in the financial sectors have brought about unexpected situations in the peninsula over the past years.

But, dynamics of Asian powers are changing rapidly. Korea has always appeared in many dramatic moments of political, economic and geopolitical upheavals in the Asian world. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you could miss next big things emerging in the Asian era if you lose sight of what’s happening in Korea right now.

We, the staff editors and reporters of Korea Bizwire, will pursue informative but entertaining news coverage of Korean business and cultural things while holding tightly to principles of fairness and accuracy. As more and more foreign investors are looking into next hot things in Asia, Korea will be more likely to be in the spotlight and considering this trend, we will not only focus on business news but policy shifts occurring here in Korea.

We promise best quality news coverage of Korean business and beyond.

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Sangcheol Kim, Chief Editor with the Korea Bizwire, CEO with Kobiz Media Co., Ltd.


About team of Korea Bizwire

Korea Bizwire is committed to reporting on “uniquely Korean” stories for our readers. But we also provide enhanced coverage of useful news from all over the world if we find them of interest or relevance to our global audience. 

Senior editors and staff reporters of Korea Bizwire, also members of Kobiz Media Co., Ltd, the parent company of this site, are highly experienced in business information analysis and report writing, with former chief-editor and other senior level editors previously working with the nation’s top-tier news media which include English publication of Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI), Korea Economic Weekly, Business Korea, KBS World and other top-tier media outlets.

Kobiz Media offers highly competent press release distribution and localization services aimed at South Korea — increasingly important and attractive market for global businesses who want to have an upper hand in Asia Pacific region since Korea serves as a stepping-stone for forward-looking brands’ future success in this lucrative markets. We wish you all good luck for extraordinary success in your businesses and life.

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