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“Untact” Marketing Prevails in Automobile Market

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SEOUL, June 16 (Korea Bizwire)Amid a growing trend towards avoiding person-to-person interaction due to the spread of the coronavirus, a new type of advertising called “untact marketing” is prevailing in the South Korean automobile market.

The newly-coined term “untact” refers to non-face-to-face contact. According to industry sources on Saturday, this type of marketing is increasingly popular, particularly in the used car market.

Back in March, a completely online transaction was completed at the Korean used car brand Reborncar.

The entire process of the transaction ranging from product search to payment and delivery was made online without person-to-person interaction. The process from payment to delivery was completed within 24 hours.

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In late March, another used car brand, K Car, also introduced a customized instant payment system which enables clients to buy used cars without any hassles.

Unlike in the past, clients no longer have to share their credit card information over the phone or meet dealers to make payments. Instead, they can make payments entirely online.

Even in new car marketing, attempts are growing to expand the points of contact with clients through online platforms.

Image Credit: Hyundai Motor / BMW Group Korea / photonews@koreabizwire.com

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