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Medical School Students Volunteer to Fight Coronavirus

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SEOUL, Dec. 14 (Korea Bizwire)College seniors in medical school are stepping up to serve as volunteers to fight the coronavirus in the greater Seoul Area.

The National Medical School Volunteer Corps recently announced that there has been a sense of solidarity among seniors for the need to voluntarily join the efforts to fight the coronavirus.

“We welcome the corps’ proposal at a time when healthcare workers at screening stations are struggling with extreme fatigue,” said the Central Disaster Management Headquarters.

The Volunteer Corps joined makeshift COVID-19 testing sites in the Seoul/Gyeonggi area on Monday.

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The government has set up 150 additional makeshift test centers on Monday to focus on finding asymptomatic coronavirus patients over the next three weeks.

Earlier this year, the seniors opted not to take the state medical licensing exam in protest against government plans to expand the number of students allowed into medical schools.

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