College Students Stage "Green Campaign" Displaying 'Trick or Tree' Video | Be Korea-savvy

College Students Stage “Green Campaign” Displaying ‘Trick or Tree’ Video

SEOUL, Korea, Sep 05 (Korea Bizwire) – How to make it “green” such giant concrete pillars in the backdrop of high-rise buildings of modern cities? Here comes another fresh idea came up with by undergraduate students in South Korea.

A group of college students are launching a video ‘Trick or Tree’ campaign, encouraging us to join their efforts to help transform ‘ash-colored city’ into lively one featuring abundance with lush trees.

This video has been created by Ading, a college club specializing in creative advertising and students majoring in visual design — both at Dankook University in Korea.

Take a look at how their ideas have been developed and peek at how to make our city lives much “eco-friendlier” in the clip!

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