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Pandemic a Boon for Camping in S. Korea

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SEOUL, Nov. 16 (Korea Bizwire) The number of campgrounds in South Korea is increasing rapidly after COVID-19 sparked the popularity of outdoor activities.

The Korea Tourism Association said Tuesday that the number of campgrounds in the country reached 3,205 locations as of late September, up by 14.3 percent from the previous year.

Among them, 2,626 are common campgrounds, while 579 are auto-camping zones.


Camping grew in popularity after the onset of the pandemic when it allowed families and friends to go out and relax when travel restrictions were in place.

During the summer and fall of this year and last year, in particular, the number of campgrounds jumped by the hundreds each quarter.

As of late September, Gyeonggi Province had the highest number of campgrounds at 766.

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