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BitHull Cryptocurrency Miners on Promotional Offer

(image: BitHull)

(image: BitHull)


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, April 14 (Korea Bizwire) – BH Miner and BH Miners Box, two recently launched cryptocurrency miners from BitHull S.A ( ), are now available for a lucrative promotional offer. Anyone purchasing three of these extraordinarily profitable FPGA miners is now entitled to receive one more miner absolutely free of cost. This promotional offer will remain active until April 30.

BH Miner is the basic product from BitHull S.A that has been designed specifically for the newbies looking to try their hand in crypto mining. BH Miners Box, on other hand, is a combination of six BH Miner with serious profit making potential. Both these miners can be used for mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero.

Both Products can generate Return of Investment within one month and they are delivered pre-configured to customers, so is not required any level of knowledge to start mining and generate profits within one month.

“We are pleased to announce that anyone purchasing three or more miners from us will now receive one miner for no additional cost whatsoever. This promotion is specifically for the mining enthusiasts looking to build an extremely profitable home based mining business,” said Matias Milet, Vice President of BitHull S.A.
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About BitHull S.A: BitHull S.A is a technology company dedicated to developing next-generation hardware for cryptocurrency mining. The company is run by a team of experts with a track record of delivering world-class tech components such as FPGA chips to numerous industry heavyweights.

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