Comodo CA Expands Reach in Asia Pacific Through Exclusive Relationship with Korea Information Certificate Authority (KICA) That Now Includes Indonesia and Vietnam | Be Korea-savvy

Comodo CA Expands Reach in Asia Pacific Through Exclusive Relationship with Korea Information Certificate Authority (KICA) That Now Includes Indonesia and Vietnam

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)


ROSELAND, N.J., Sept. 11 (Korea Bizwire)Comodo CA, a worldwide leader in digital web security solutions, and Korea Information Certificate Authority (KICA), a leading company in the integrated certification industry in Asia, today announced the extension of their exclusive relationship into two additional geographies, including Vietnam and Indonesia. As an exclusive distributor in these regions, Comodo CA will leverage KICA’s expertise with localized sales and support in the region to further expand its global web security offerings.

The expanded partnership will enable KICA to exclusively offer Comodo CA TLS/SSL certificates to thousands of businesses across the Republic of Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia.

TLS/SSL is a standard security protocol that establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser, ensuring that all communication that occurs between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted, and therefore private. Comodo CA’s full range of certificate types and options now available to KICA customers in additional APAC countries, include:

  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificates
  • Organization Validation (OV) Certificates
  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificates
  • Wildcard Certificates
  • Multi-Domain Certificates (MDC)
  • Unified Communications Certificates (UCC)

“We have historically had great success with our Comodo CA partnership, enabling us to sell high volumes of digital certificates to organizations of all sizes, across many industries,” said Mr. Sangjun Kim, CEO of KICA. “The expanded relationship enables KICA to exclusively offer a variety of certificates from the world’s largest and longest-standing CA.”

“KICA has strong relationships throughout Asia and specifically in emerging geographical regions primed for rapid adoption of digital web security solutions,” explained Michael Fowler, President Channels and Partners, Comodo CA. “Through our partnership, Comodo CA is well positioned to further extend our offerings throughout new regions within Asia and benefit from KICA’s leadership in integrated authentication.”

About Korea Information Certificate Authority
As a leader in the integrated authentication sector, Korea Information Certificate Authority (KICA) has been leveraging its experience and technologies to provide various supplementary services such as electronic tax statements, domain registration, device authentication, mobile keys, and secure server certification. KICA has been issuing accredited certificates using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), the safest technology currently recognized on the Internet. For more information, visit

About Comodo CA
A trusted partner by enterprises globally for more than two decades, Comodo CA provides digital identity solutions for businesses of all sizes – protecting their employees, customers, intellectual property and overall brand – from online threats. As the largest commercial certificate authority with over 100 million SSL certificates issued worldwide, Comodo CA has the experience and performance to meet the growing need of securing transactions and helping create online trust. For more information, visit

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