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Cyber Security: Technology and Skills at the Heart of Cybertech Europe, Leonardo SpA Presents New Industrial Plan Ready for 2024


ROME, Oct. 05, 2023 (Korea Bizwire) – Technology, skills, education, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, defence, critical infrastructure, Space and data protection. These are the themes that fuelled Cybertech Europe 2023, organised in partnership with Leonardo SpA.

Leonardo announced its new industrial plan is set to be ready by the beginning of 2024. As CEO and former Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani stated, this plan will rest on two pillars: Space and cyber security.

Cybertech Europe has reached its sixth edition and is primarily dedicated to cyber security. The event, hosted at the Convention Center La Nuvola in Rome, in the EUR neighbourhood, on October 3–4, brought together leading international experts, representatives from institutions, academia, and the business world. This sector is experiencing rapid growth and, in Italy alone, with a market increase of 18% per year.

Leonardo’s plan will be unveiled in the new year. Cingolani explained the spirit that will drive it, highlighting two main aspects. On the one hand, there is the concept of security, which integrates into the present and projects into the future: products, from now on, will have to be designed with this sensitivity right from the outset, starting with the design phase. On the other hand, there is the Space chapter, dealing with satellite management, the internet, and the enormous amount of data that will need protection, travelling above our heads.

“The new industrial plan, which I can’t reveal too much about,” Cingolani noted, “will have two pillars of innovation. First, cyber security understood as a new platform that allows us to design any Leonardo product as ‘cyber secure by design,’ meaning cyber security is incorporated from the design phase and not added after having designed the helicopter or plane. The second pillar will be Space because, as you’ve understood, much of what is now the internet will be via satellite. Space will generate an infinite amount of data that also needs protection.” This will complement the, “traditional core business: aircraft, helicopters, and electronics, to be enhanced with artificial intelligence and digitalisation.”

According to Andrea Campora, Managing Director of the Cyber and Security Solutions Division at Leonardo, “Cyber security is a global ecosystem. The hybrid threats of the past two years have demonstrated the need for a systematic and cooperative response. We have been saying this for ten years, but finally, we are starting to see these responses on a strategic, technological, practical, and organisational level.”

Lastly, Cingolani touched on two points: the operability of the pan-European virtual centre for cyber risk management, which is, “a first step in a strategy that should consolidate in the coming years at the European level,” and the relationship, described as “science fiction” and “false” when portrayed as adversarial, between artificial intelligence and humans.

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