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Funny Child-rearing Rap of Former Idol

SEOUL, July 18 (Korea Bizwire) – Shoo, a member of former idol girl group SES, came back not with new dance music but with a funny rap of her child-rearing episode this time.

In this TV commercial for Kerasys Naturing Shampoo, Shoo, now a mother of three including twin daughters, raps about her life of children caring like “Before I was an idol, now I am a mother” and “Before I took rhythm, now I take out milk.”

Her twin daughters and a six-year-old son who are gaining popularity now on the KBS-TV entertainment program “Superman Is Back” appear in the video together with their supermom Shoo.Currently, former TV stars rearing their own children are increasingly highlighted in entertainment programs. As they come back to TV showing their real lives bringing up the children, audiences feel sympathy with them.

Shoo also shows her real life taking care of the children in the program, “Superman Is Back,” and gains explosive responses from the audience with her pitiable appearance not even having a time to wash her hair.How about watching her transformation from a chic idol star to a tough mom?


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