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Gov’t Issues Leadership Guidelines for Civil Service Managers


SEOUL, May 26 (Korea Bizewire)As the proportion of the “millennial generation” – those born between the 1980s and 2000s – employed in public office increases, the government plans to push for a change in the leadership of manager-level civil officials.

The “Guidelines for Work Innovation of Public Officials,” which went into effect Tuesday, includes guidance for managerial leadership to enable millennials to work more passionately.

The Ministry of Personnel Management called for civil servants to follow the new guidelines developed by the National Human Resources Development Institute.

The new training material suggests, “The Millennial generation wants free time rather than spending time at office get together,” and “Millennials need a work-life balance more than loyalty to the organization.”


It also included the results of a survey of managers who lower the desire of workers.

The material recommends that managers not publicly reprimand employees, or “pretend to know things he or she does not know well and not actually do the work.”

“We have mandated that manager-level civil officials follow the guidelines necessary for work innovation, such as avoiding unnecessary holiday work,” a government spokesperson said.

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