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Hyundai Marine Holds CSR Event for Girls

(image:Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance)

SEOUL, Korea, Nov 05 (Korea Bizwire) -  Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance said on November 3 that it held a 4K-run event “Run, Girls” at Peace Plaza near the World Cup Stadium in Seoul’s Sangam-dong, as part of a corporate social responsibility program. Held jointly with CSR program consultancy Wise Wellness intended to instill discipline and healthful lifestyle, the running event attracted 700 elementary school girls and their parents and teachers.

To every runner who has completed the 4-km course, the organizers gave out a certificate with her photo on. The insurance company promised to donate a certain amount of money for every certificate it issued to a charity program to help schools in Africa.

Park Min-jeong, a 12-year-old student attending an elementary school in eastern Seoul who successfully ran the whole course, said, “I usually don’t like to exercise. But I felt so good today running with my friends even under a cloudy weather. I felt even better thinking that I could help fellow students in Africa if I run without giving up.”

Park Yoon-Jeong, Hyundai Marine’s senior manager in charge of CSR affairs, said, “Doing proper exercise at an early age is good for health as well as for forming sociability and confidence. This is especially so for girls. We will keep organizing events like this so that we can help youngsters develop good habits and character.”

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