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Hyundai Motor Studio Exhibits Pieces of ‘WOW’


SEOUL, Jan.14 (Korea Bizwire)‘Unity of Motion’, media artist group WOW’s piece which visualizes the harmony between technology, nature and humans, will be exhibited at the Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul until April 30.

The piece is an interactive art installation which expresses the harmony of nature, human and technology represented by automobiles.


To the modern man, cars are more than just a means of transportation. A car is an important element of everyday life, serving as a space with various meanings. WOW takes notice of this, and expresses humans, machines, and other living things evolving, resembling and growing into new things through the piece.

There are three pieces – the ‘HEART’, which is a sensor sculpture that represents humans; the ‘MACHINE’, a triangular monitor that represents machines, digital technology and network; and ‘NATURE’, a media wall that represents nature and life.


Officials at Hyundai Motor anticipate that visitors will be reminded of their interest and love towards the ‘mobility world’, which is centered by humans, through the dramatic pieces that express the fundamentals of movement that happens within machines, humans and nature.

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