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Hyundai Presents Staria Minivan to Employee with Eight Children

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SEOUL, Aug. 10 (Korea Bizwire)Hyundai Motor Co. has bestowed various gifts upon an employee who has eight children, marking the inaugural initiative of the low fertility and childrearing support task force established by the automaker’s labor and management.

The representatives from Hyundai’s labor and management on Wednesday visited the company’s Jeonju plant in North Jeolla Province and engaged in a meeting with the family of Jung Ki-hwan, the employee with eight children.


Following the meeting, the labor and management task force presented gifts valued at 42 million won (US$31,900).

These gifts included an 11-seat Staria minivan, a washing machine, and a dryer, all of which were given to the employee’s family.

The Staria minivan is manufactured at the very plant where the employee is stationed.

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