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Investment Wave in Japan Opportunity for IBFD to Talk “Tax-Talk” in Local Language

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, Jun. 29 (Korea Bizwire)The Dutch publisher and independent centre of expertise on cross-border taxation IBFD (the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) and the leading Japanese research institute and publisher of domestic and international tax information Zeimukenkyukai have signed an agreement to offer an international taxation knowledge platform to multinationals and advisory firms that operate in Japan, with a specific focus on key Asian countries.

With a population of 127 million, Japan is a key country in Asia and the leading economic force, with the highest purchasing power in the region. Japan is currently experiencing the largest wave of investment in 15 years. This economic growth is showing in foreign companies investing in the Japanese economy and Japanese companies expanding their businesses abroad and developing their in-house tax expertise in response to the OECD BEPS Action Plans, changes in the principles of international taxation and the introduction of the earnings stripping rule.

Foreign companies will therefore need a thorough understanding of the Japanese tax legislation, and Japanese companies will have to get familiar with cross-border taxation information and administration. Seizing the opportunities presented by this increasing knowledge demand, IBFD and Zeimukenkyukai partnered up. During an official ceremony this morning, both parties signed the agreement.

The taxation knowledge platform is owned by Zeimukenkyukai, and IBFD will deliver international tax information. With this joint market approach, both companies aim to meet the increasing demand for knowledge on international taxation and to stimulate cross-border tax research related to Japan. At the same time, IBFD will form a bridge between the Japanese and Western markets in international taxation.

The alliance was signed by President Mr Takeshi Yamane, representing Zeimukenkyukai, and by Executive Board Member Mr Maarten Goudsmit, on behalf of IBFD. Both described what this agreement means.

“The alliance gives us the opportunity to deliver highly valued IBFD content through our network in Japan, for example about withholding tax rates and avoiding taxation risks. We are confident that our partnership will provide more rich and in-depth information, based on our long experience in the tax field, and will thus increase customer satisfaction,” says Takeshi Yamane.

“This partnership with the most reputable Japanese publisher of tax legal information helps us to fulfil our mission — to support and increase knowledge on cross-border taxation — in Japan,” says Maarten Goudsmit.

About IBFD
IBFD is a leading international provider of cross-border tax expertise, with a long-standing history of supporting and contributing to tax research and academic activities. As an independent foundation, IBFD utilizes its global network of tax experts and Knowledge Centre to serve Fortune 500 companies, governments, international consultancy firms and tax advisors. Headquartered in Amsterdam, IBFD has regional offices in Beijing, Washington and Kuala Lumpur. IBFD’s Library and Information Centre is widely regarded as the world’s leading research facility in the field of international and comparative taxation.

Renowned as the expertise portal in the field of cross-border taxation and legislation, IBFD’s powerful Tax Research Platform allows tax practitioners around the world to access a wealth of reliable and valuable content, enabling faster and more effective work.

IBFD’s complete coverage further includes courses, journals and books, and a Master’s in International Tax Law (in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam). IBFD also offers government consultancy and individual client research services.

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