iRemedy™ Secures Factory Capacity for Needles and Syringes Required for Administration of One+ Billion COVID-19 Vaccinations | Be Korea-savvy

iRemedy™ Secures Factory Capacity for Needles and Syringes Required for Administration of One+ Billion COVID-19 Vaccinations

(Image: Korea Bizwire)

(Image: Korea Bizwire)


STUART, Fla., Nov. 18 (Korea Bizwire) – The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc. (“iRemedy” or “the Company”), pioneer of the iRemedy™ medical supply marketplace, today announced that in anticipation of COVID-19 vaccines becoming available soon, the Company has procured factory capacity for production of over one billion, FDA-approved hypodermic needles and syringes that will be required for administration of vaccinations to the public on a global basis.

iRemedy has already procured over 50 million units and has arranged for weekly deliveries from its factory partners through 2021. Current factory production cycles expect to result in the delivery of approximately 100 million units per month.

According to information published on the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society website, there are currently ten vaccine candidates in Phase 3 trials and an additional 41 in Phase 1, Phase 2 or pre-clinical stages of research and development. However, the World Health Organization reports that there are more than 100 COVID-19 vaccine candidates in development. As of this week, more than 50 million cases of COVID-19 have been recorded worldwide as countries hit new records globally. The United States, alone, has surpassed 10 million cases. The need for a vaccine is clearly pronounced and efforts to expedite clinical trials to ensure vaccine safety and efficacy is a key priority for nations across the planet. iRemedy is poised to play a key supporting role in the distribution of the vaccines by providing needles, syringes and related supplies.

Tony Paquin, CEO of iRemedy, stated, “If we are to arrest the spread of COVID-19 and restore any meaningful sense of normalcy to society, the widespread administration of a vaccine or vaccines remains paramount – and it appears that key players in the biopharmaceutical industry are close to receiving approval of their respective vaccines in development. In view of this, iRemedy recognizes that FDA-approved hypodermic needles and syringes will be in extraordinarily high demand on a global basis once vaccines have cleared Phase 3 trials and are approved for use by government regulatory agencies in countries around the world. To ensure that iRemedy’s clients here and abroad are in the position to meet this anticipated global demand, we started procuring factory production.”

Continuing, Paquin added, “With production of over one billion needles and syringes secured, iRemedy looks forward to working with healthcare providers worldwide to help ensure that they can quickly commence their vaccination programs to help save lives and ultimately overcome the global pandemic once and for all.”

About The iRemedy Healthcare Companies
With 15 years in healthcare supply, iRemedy is a trusted and reliable partner for acquiring medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment. We service over 5,000 healthcare provider, commercial and government clients nationwide. We guarantee access to verified supplies by sourcing directly from established manufacturers and distributors around the world. Our industry-leading technology and group purchasing power enable transparency and competition, driving consistently low pricing for our customers every day. iRemedy is headquartered in Stuart, Florida and has offices in New York, California and Washington, and distribution centers in Florida and Arizona. For more information, please visit

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Source: iRemedy via GLOBE NEWSWIRE

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