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Novotech Releases Comprehensive Global Landscape Report on Gallbladder Cancer Clinical Trials

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)


BOSTON, Sept. 7 (Korea Bizwire) – Novotech, the leading Asia Pacific centred biotech CRO with global execution capabilities, today published the latest specialist clinical trial report –“Gallbladder Cancer: Global Clinical Trials Landscape Report”.

According to the report, biopharma companies have initiated approximately 250 ongoing clinical trials in gallbladder cancer (GBC) since 2016, with the Asia-Pacific region playing a pivotal role in over 50% of these trials, while more than 40% were conducted in the United States and Europe.


GBC represents the most prevalent type of biliary tract cancer globally, accounting for 80%-95% of cases, with more than 1 million new cases and more than 80,000 deaths recorded in 2020.

The global age-standardized incidence and mortality for GBC is 1.20 and 0.84 per 100,000 people respectively. Asia leads the world in both incidence and mortality cases, with 82,000 and 62,300 cases, respectively, representing 70% of global occurrences.

“Due to its large population and moderate volume of studies, the Asia-Pacific region has a low competing trial risk with a trial density about 17 times less than that of the US and about 4 times lower than Europe,” states the Report.

According to the Report GBC is the sixth most common kind of gastrointestinal cancer and is more prevalent in women than in men. The leading causes are high estrogen levels, which are more common in women, and an abnormal pancreatic obstruction which is more common in people from Asia.

Additionally, the report delves into disease cases and mortality trends by region, including:

  • By 2030, GBC cases and mortality in Asia is predicted to reach 142,193 and 109,122 respectively.
  • Europe had incidence and mortality cases of about, 12,570 and 8,717 cases, respectively in 2020. 
  • The US reported over 4,600 incident cases and about 2,300 deaths in GBC in 2020. According to the American Cancer Society estimates, there will be around 12,220 new cases and approximately 4,510 deaths due to GBC in 2023 in the country.
  • Canada reported an incidence of over 500 cases with an ASIR of about 0.66 per 100,000 population in 2020.

Novotech has more than 3,000 employees operating across 25 geographies, with 34 office locations, including Greater China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Europe.

The CRO offers biotechs a unique and unparalleled suite of early to late-phase services across the US and Europe, with a foundation in Asia Pacific where the company has built a reputation for delivering high-quality expedited clinical trials.

Recognized for its industry-leading contributions, Novotech has received numerous prestigious awards, including the CRO Leadership Award 2023 and the Asia Pacific Cell & Gene Therapy Clinical Trials Excellence 2022 award. Additionally, the company was honored with the Asia-Pacific Contract Research Organization Company of the Year Award. Its commitment to collaboration is evident in the 50 Leading Site Partnership agreements it has signed over the past three years.

About Novotech

Founded in 1997, Novotech is internationally recognized as the leading Asia Pacific centred Contract Research Organization (CRO) with global execution capabilities. The Company has established itself as a clinical CRO with labs, phase I facilities, drug development consulting services and regulatory expertise. It has experience in over 5,000 clinical projects, including Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials and bioequivalence studies. Novotech employs over 3,000 staff globally across 34 office locations. Novotech is positioned to serve as a partner and ally to small and medium-sized biotech, biopharma and pharma sponsors seeking to conduct clinical trials in Asia Pacific, the US and Europe.

For more information visit Novotech CRO

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Source: Novotech via GLOBE NEWSWIRE

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