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Panasonic Debuts Connected Classroom for K-12 Environments to Promote Active Learning

Hardware, software and training culminate in offering that empowers teachers and delivers personalized learning for higher student achievement (image: BusinessWire)

Hardware, software and training culminate in offering that empowers teachers and delivers personalized learning for higher student achievement (image: BusinessWire)

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ATLANTA, June 29, 2014 (Korea Bizwire)–Panasonic, a leader in holistic technology solutions for the educational  market, today unveiled its vision for the connected classroom, with the  objective of improving student achievement and making teachers more  effective and IT departments’ lives easier. The connected classroom is  based on Panasonic’s collaborative school products, such as wireless  projectors, interactive displays, enhanced classroom audio and the new  3E (“Engage, Empower, Enable”) 2-in-1 student device, and is underpinned  by education software and a suite of professional development programs  that ensure teachers are able to maximize schools’ technology  investments and stay apace of emerging technology trends. Panasonic  announced its connected classroom at the International Society for  Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference. 

“Today’s students are digital natives, and we can’t expect them to  respond to learning environments and lessons that are devoid of  technology,” said Rance Poehler, President, Panasonic System  Communications Company of North America. “We hear from students,  teachers and administrators that technology is making a difference in  student engagement and performance. In fact, technology-based classes  have reported an 81 percent increase in high-stakes test scores,  according to Project RED.” 

Panasonic’s existing line of products for the education market are  designed to sync up and foster a truly immersive experience for students  while reducing burden for administrators through single source, vendor  management. By integrating the technology in the classroom, IT  professionals’ lives are simplified and teachers are exposed to a whole  new world of possibilities. 

As of today, Panasonic’s suite of school products also includes an  answer to 1:1 initiatives with the 3E device. Panasonic collaborated  with Intel and Microsoft Corp. to deliver the purpose-built mobile  2-in-1 convertible device, which features a detachable keyboard and aims  to engage students, empower teachers, and enable IT with a flexible  device that allows students to connect to lessons anytime, anywhere. The  3E devices are compatible with classroom management software that  permits teachers to gather information from students and connect with  them individually, in groups and as a whole. The classroom management  software allows teachers to better connect with students by having more  insight into where students are in the learning process, and therefore  deliver personalized education. 

Added Scott Thie, Vice President of Education, Panasonic System  Communications Company of North America, “School administrators face  limited staff resources, and managing five vendor partners for various  products throughout the school adds strain to their existing workload.  Having an education consultant who can offer a bespoke or turnkey  solution alleviates procurement headaches and significantly streamlines  digital transformation initiatives.” 

Developing Teachers as Experts and Advocates 

Unfortunately, too often school districts take on large scale technology  purchases only to have the technology be cumbersome or not used to its  full potential. In response, Panasonic is offering professional  development and IT services that complement the hardware and classroom  management software. The professional development offering consists of a  range of core programs that can be used to help educators get the most  out of the latest technology innovations. Program topics range from  hardware training, such as how to integrate interactive whiteboards into  lesson plans, to tips for useful apps in the classroom. The in-depth  courses can be customized for the school or district and conducted on  location by a trained Panasonic edtech professional with classroom  teaching experience. Workshops are available for both the tech-savvy  teachers who want to stay ahead of the latest trends, as well as the  technophobes who want an introduction to the digital age. 

Professional development is particularly important in the realm of  education technology because it can improve teacher adoption rates,  increasing return on technology investments and creating a school-wide  culture of digital competency that impacts student motivation and  success. 

“Curriculum directors face a major push to modernize schools, while  mandatory online assessments add pressure to improve digital literacy,”   said Thie. “Too often schools invest in technology but fail to train  teachers on all the features and applications. As a result, student  devices and other technology effectively amount to very expensive pens  and paper. Training teachers must go hand-in-hand with the purchase of  new products.” 

Discount Pricing Program for Education Institutions 

Panasonic is also launching Panasonic Education Pricing (PEP), a new  program that offers K-12 institutions deep discounts from retail  pricing. The initiative includes Panasonic’s suite of products for the  classroom and will extend accessibility of its product and services to  all students and faculty, without breaking the budget. 

“The right tools can improve a teacher’s ability to reach students and  increase a student’s desire to learn. Sadly, most school districts face  budget challenges that make acquiring the best technology difficult,”   added Thie. “Through this program, we hope to make some of the market’s  most compelling technologies and solutions more attainable, providing  teachers with the best tools and helping students achieve more.” 

ISTE 2014 

The 3E 2-in-1 tablet and full Panasonic connected classroom are on  display at this year’s ISTE. At booth #901, attendees can experience the  connected classroom and see how compatible products such as projectors,  tablets, lecture capture, enhanced classroom audio and security can work  together to improve the learning experience for students and ameliorate  obstacles for staff and teachers. 

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Source: Panasonic Corporation of North America (via BusinessWire)

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