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Plants Native to South Korea Effective Against COVID-19


DAEJEON, Nov. 11 (Korea Bizwire)Native plants from South Korea have been found to contain anti-viral substances.

A research team from the Institute for Basic Science found that astersaponin I contained in the Korean daisy and lancemaside A saponin contained in mountain herb roots, known as “deodeok” in Korean, curb the risk of coronavirus infection.

The research team created a COVID-19 infection model and injected astersaponin I and lancemaside A to verify their effects against viral infections.


Both substances contain more than 2 micromoles (μM) of IC50, which indicates the level of biological effects, and are capable of suppressing COVID-19 infections.

The research team reported similar results in another test using the contagious COVID-19 virus. The substances were also effective against omicron and other new variants, the research team said.

Image Credit: Gurye County Office / Yonhap /

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