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Shinsegae Live Shopping Pioneers AI Broadcast Summary Service

An industry-first 'AI Broadcast Summary' service (Image courtesy of Shinsegae Live Shopping)

An industry-first ‘AI Broadcast Summary’ service (Image courtesy of Shinsegae Live Shopping)

SEOUL, May 17 (Korea Bizwire) – Shinsegae Live Shopping, a leading home shopping platform in South Korea, has introduced an industry-first ‘AI Broadcast Summary’ service that leverages artificial intelligence to directly analyze and summarize live broadcasts, the company announced on May 16. 

This innovative service employs AI technology to identify key product features and points of interest for customers by analyzing video footage and commentary from existing broadcasts. The AI then selects relevant keywords to highlight. 

These AI-curated keywords are presented as time stamps on the product broadcast screen within the Shinsegae Live Shopping mobile app, allowing users to skip directly to the summarized sections without having to watch the entire video.

The AI Broadcast Summary service is applicable to the diverse range of product broadcasts available on the Shinsegae Live Shopping mobile app. Users can simply tap on the time stamps corresponding to the AI-generated key points, eliminating the need to watch the full broadcast from start to finish. 

Furthermore, Shinsegae Live Shopping has enhanced its existing shopping AI service based on ChatGPT 4.0, making it more sophisticated and user-friendly. Customers can now directly input queries on product detail pages, streamlining the process of having their questions answered.

Through the AI Broadcast Summary service, customers can selectively view desired segments from lengthy broadcasts by navigating to the relevant time stamps. Additionally, the enhanced Shopping AI service, which analyzes broadcasts, allows customers to ask questions about specific products and receive informed responses.

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