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Toga Launches Beauty-enabled Video Call Feature on Yippi

(image: Toga Limited)

(image: Toga Limited)


LAS VEGAS, Aug. 29 (Korea Bizwire) — Toga Limited’s (OTC:TOGL) mobile app, Yippi, released its latest app feature, “Beauty-enabled video call”. The launch of this feature was completed in early March 2018. With this addition, Toga Limited believes that this enhancement of the features found on the Yippi app will make it more useful and popular to its users and potential users.

Jumping on the popularity of live video streaming and video calls, Toga Limited’s management believes the utilization and demand for beauty-enabled video calls will result in significant growth in the use of the Yippi app.  Toga’s technology team worked to create a feature that matched this demand, and today, Toga believes the Yippi app is the first mobile app to introduce a beauty-enabled feature in video calls.  This feature will allow users to improve their on-screen video image anytime and anywhere.  “It is our belief that this feature will elevate ‘Yippi’ into the international scene”, said Mr. Michael Toh, CEO of Toga Limited.

In the beauty-enabled video call, Yippi users can choose from a range of “enhancements”, such as having bigger eyes, flushed cheeks, teeth whitening and more.  What’s more interesting is users can add in GIF animation and emojis during the call, enriching the whole video experience.

Mr. Chia, Chief Technology Officer of Toga, said, “Enabling beauty enhancements in video calls is a technology we’ve developed over a long period of time. Our technical team combined the strengths of various beauty camera apps into our Yippi’s beauty-enabled video call feature, and made it perfect.” Mr. Chia also predicts the new feature on Yippi would greatly promote video call usage and increase the amount of chat messaging. He also stated that Yippi’s technical team is well prepared to ensure the backend processing requirements are sufficient to cope with any future capacity changes. The team will continue to update and upgrade their technical know-how to meet not only the needs of this age, but continue to provide its users with technology advancements.

Yippi and Toga’s other services such as Toga News, Toga Education, TogaGo flight ticket and hotel booking and other services are connected in a chain-like system, led by a self-sustaining business model known for its bold and innovative features. It is currently standing as one of the many popular mobile messaging applications, providing one-stop convenience, compatible and stable platform.

The Yippi app is available for download via Apple Store for IOS or Google Play Store for Android.

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Source: Toga Limited via GLOBE NEWSWIRE

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