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1-800-Flowers.com Local Exclusive Program Provides Worldwide Exposure for Local Florists

Program showcases florists’ unique product designs and spotlights their shops for an audience of millions (image: kenyee/ Flickr)

Program showcases florists’ unique product designs and spotlights their shops for an audience of millions (image: kenyee/ Flickr)

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CARLE PLACE, N.Y. June 24, 2014 (Korea Bizwire)–Local florists have a new opportunity to drive additional orders into  their shops by featuring their own, truly original floral arrangement  designs and gift and gourmet products on the 1-800-Flowers.com website.  1-800-Flowers.com, the world’s leading florist and gift shop, and  BloomNet, an international wire service and world class business  solutions provider, have created the Local Exclusive Florist Designed  Program as a way of showcasing the creativity of local florists to  millions of consumers online.

For local florists, particularly smaller shops with limited marketing  budgets, the Local Exclusive Program can be a shot of adrenalin that  enables them to gain huge exposure for their design capabilities and  generate widespread sales opportunities for their products without  having to compete with the marketing resources of large online floral  and gift retailers. In essence, the Local Exclusive Program levels the  playing field, providing a local florist and their product designs with  the same exposure as 1-800-Flowers.com offerings in the florist’s home  delivery zip code. BloomNet is the first and only wire service to  support their network of florists with such an innovative and  value-added program specifically developed to broaden the sales  potential of retail flower shops by spotlighting their locally-designed  products to millions of consumers.

“We’re excited to provide a world stage where the incredible design  talents of local florists can be enjoyed and appreciated by an enormous  audience,” said Mark Nance, AAF, President of BloomNet. “In addition to  celebrating the creativity and artistry of local designers, our Local  Exclusive Florist Designed Program can deliver tremendous incremental  sales possibilities to flower shops large and small.”

Participation in the Local Exclusive Florist Designed Program is free.  To participate in the program, florists can go to http://tiny.cc/localexclusive  to upload a recipe and description of their truly original product  design as well as a product photo and the design inspiration behind the  product. If chosen, the product will be featured on the  1-800-Flowers.com website along with an image, a video (if available),  and a story about the designer and their local shop. What’s more, if the  florist participates in the BloomNet Hosted Website Program, a link to  the florist’s website will be provided on their Product page.

The ideal products to submit for the Local Exclusive Florist Designed  Program are those that are fresh, unique and have a local artisan look  and feel. Product categories include: everyday floral arrangements,  plants, corsages and boutonnieres; personalized sympathy and tribute  arrangements and forms; baskets for fruit, candy, spa, baby and  corporate themes; fruit/gourmet bouquets, arrangements and gifts; and  other unique gifts or wreaths.

“The 1-800-Flowers.com Local Exclusive Program has proven to be a huge  success for our shop,” said Margaret Fleegal of 1-800-Flowers Twinbrook  Floral Design. “The program gives us the opportunity to showcase our  designer’s creativity and skills with a dash of our local flair! To date  we have delivered over 450 of our unique arrangements thanks to the  1-800-Flowers.com Local Exclusive Program. Our designers love seeing  their special creations on the 1-800-Flowers website.”

Cheryl Denham of 1-800-Flowers Phoenix added: “Thank you for launching  the 1-800-Flowers.com Local Exclusive Program! It has been a great  addition to our product offerings and a wonderful opportunity to  highlight the creativity of our designers. We developed three designs  that are only available in our local market and are exclusive to our  shop. We were able to utilize hard good inventory we already had on hand  to create arrangements that focus on our regional landscape.”

Complementing the extensive exposure and sales potential that local  florists will receive, the Local Exclusive Florist Designed Program will  also include exciting contests, florist spotlights and social media  consumer engagement campaigns.

For further information about the Local Exclusive Florist Designed  Program, visit http://tiny.cc/localexclusive,  email localexclusive@bloomnet.net  or call 1-800-BloomNet (1-800-256-6663).

About BloomNet®

BloomNet® (www.mybloomnet.net  or 1-800-BloomNet) is an international wire service and a world class  business solutions provider offering quality products and diverse  services to a select network of professional retail Florists who utilize  BloomNet’s resources to grow their businesses profitably. Professional  Florists who are part of the BloomNet network can take advantage of  several key benefits including the highest published rebate in the  industry with the easiest rebate qualifications, tiered membership  costs, state-of-the-art technology solutions, and a complete suite of  value-added products and services. BloomNet has established and  maintains the industry’s most stringent business standards for  participating Florists. BloomNet, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of  1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc.

Source: BloomNet® (via BusinessWire)

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