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AI “Social Companion for Elderly” Service to Launch in Gyeonggi Province

Services linking artificial intelligence (AI) to customized care for the elderly are expanding. (Courtesy of SK Telecom)

Services linking artificial intelligence (AI) to customized care for the elderly are expanding. (Courtesy of SK Telecom)

SUWON, June 6 (Korea Bizwire)In an announcement today, Gyeonggi Province revealed that it will be launching the ‘Elderly Malbut Service’ on June 19. This initiative aims to address the needs of senior citizens aged 65 and above by deploying artificial intelligence (AI) agents to engage in conversation and connect them with welfare services.

Through a collaborative effort with the online portal Naver, the service will entail weekly calls made by AI agents, allowing for conversations of up to three minutes. The province has designated a specific outgoing number that will be displayed to ensure seamless communication.

In the event of unanswered calls after three attempts, dedicated staff from the Social Service Agency in the province will step in to make direct contact. Should these subsequent calls go unanswered as well, welfare service representatives from local municipalities will visit the seniors’ residences to assess the situation.

During these conversations, if any distress signals arise, such as expressions of emotional or economic hardships, including ‘difficulty in living’ or ‘loneliness,’ staff at the Gyeonggi-do Social Service Agency will promptly provide telephone counseling. In cases where further intervention is necessary, they will facilitate a connection to the Gyeonggi-do Emergency Welfare Hotline to ensure access to comprehensive welfare services.

Initially, the service will be extended to 1,800 elderly individuals who have already applied for assistance in cities and counties. Subsequently, the province aims to expand the scope of the project to reach a larger population of senior citizens.

Han Kyung-soo, the head of the provincial elderly welfare department, expressed his optimism about the forthcoming service, stating, “We anticipate that the Elderly Malbut Service will enhance emotional well-being by alleviating loneliness and depression among the elderly, while also promoting healthy living through regular care functions.”

With this progressive endeavor, Gyeonggi Province seeks to provide a supportive network and combat the isolation experienced by senior citizens, ultimately fostering a sense of companionship and overall well-being in their lives.

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