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Airlines Go All-out to Ensure Eco-Friendly Flights


SEOUL, Sept. 23 (Korea Bizwire)With global governments and companies taking full steps to achieve carbon neutral goals, South Korean airlines are also speeding up their eco-friendly drive.

Top flag carrier Korean Air Lines Co. plans to introduce next-generation eco-friendly Boeing B787-9 jets. At present, the company operates a total of ten B787-9 aircraft.

Fifty percent of the frame of the B787-9 is built using carbon fiber composite. Compared to other same-class aircraft, the B787-9 boasts 20 percent higher per-seat fuel efficiency and 20 percent lower carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.

The recently-introduced Airbus A220-300 is equipped with new engines, thereby featuring a 25 percent reduction in per-seat carbon emissions compared to other same-class aircraft.

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Asiana Airlines Inc. established a system to make sure that aircraft are loaded with an optimal amount of fuel for operation.

In addition, the airline is working on a number of initiatives to reduce fuel consumption, including stopping one engine when an aircraft taxis after landing.

Low-cost carriers are also joining the eco-friendly movement. Jin Air Co. and T’way Air both introduced the electronic flight bag system to replace paper documents such as flight manuals in cockpits with tablet PCs.

Jin Air flight attendants use tablet PCs to check a variety of pre-flight check items such as flight information and passenger reservation information.

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