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Appear Inc Acquires Crealev, Pioneer in Levitation

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)


SAN FRANCISCO, May 17 (Korea Bizwire) — Today, Appear, Inc., the global leader in innovation and design for future-thinking products, announced it has acquired Crealev, the world’s leading levitation technology company ( The strategic acquisition of the Netherlands-based Crealev adds to Appear’s portfolio of best-in-class, innovative technologies. Appear is rolling out a number of products that feature levitation. With Crealev technology, Appear can continue its successful track record of delivering useful products that provide fun, while also saving people time, money and effort.

Appear’s acquisition of Crealev enables the company to be a “good” disruptor and deliver new and amazing products. Crealev has been considered a pioneer of the levitation technology industry since 2006. Crealev designs and licenses their technology to industries such as consumer electronics, sports apparel and home automation. As a levitation market leader, Crealev will build synergy between its experienced team of “mechatronics” designers and engineers and Appear’s acclaimed engineering group.

Levitation products have evolved since the days of promotional floating pens and other desk accessories. Magnetic levitation, or MagLev, is a method by which an object is suspended in the air with no support other than magnetic fields. MagLev is the base for creating frictionless, efficient, ‘far-out-sounding’ technologies.

“Crealev has been a true pioneer in the industry and has created revolutionary products, solutions and a vibrant experience for brands. We’re looking forward to working with the incredible talent at Crealev, and bringing together the best hardware, design and engineering to develop Maglev shuttle for transportation in the near future to help more people around the world. We disrupt what is possible. Appear, now with Crealev in our group, specializes in the best consumer electronics, modern battery applications and advanced material science.We are talking about taking things that don’t usually float in the air, making them cool and giving them more than a functional purpose,” said Prashant Rurs, Founder and CEO at Appear Inc.

“More than 15 years ago, we set an audacious company vision, ‘We make it float,’” said Ger Jensen, Founder of Crealev. “I’m incredibly proud of the goals we’ve achieved by building a trusted brand supplying global Fortune 500 companies who rely on our technology. Appear is an ideal strategic, like-minded partner. Now, under the umbrella of Appear, its resources and global platform, Crealev can accelerate innovation in consumer electronics, home automation and automotive industry. Together we will make greater products accessible to everyone.”

About Appear, Inc.
Appear, Inc. is a tech company based in San Francisco. It has its roots in innovative and premium electronic products. Most notable, the company has excelled in creating world’s lightest and first Graphene battery powered 5G Smartphone. (Launch expected Summer 2021)

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Source: Appear, Inc. via GLOBE NEWSWIRE

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