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Botosoft Launches Botoseal™ at the UK NARIC 20th Annual Conference

(image: Botosoft Technologies)

(image: Botosoft Technologies)


LONDON, Dec. 16 (Korea Bizwire)Botosoft Technologies, an award winning security solutions company, launched the world’s most advanced anti-counterfeiting technology, Botoseal™, at the 20th Annual Conference of the United Kingdom National Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC). The event, held at Victoria Park Plaza, London, United Kingdom on November 21 and 22, 2016, had in attendance representatives from recruitment agencies, examination bodies, academia, assessment institutions and security agencies from across the world.

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Botosoft Technologies prides itself on a culture of making life easy,” said Agbeyo Tolulope, CEO of Botosoft Technologies. “The company recognizes that forgery is rampant because document verification is difficult; if verifications were made easy, forgery would be contained and eventually eradicated.”

With the prevailing problems associated with document security in organizations, Botosoft in collaboration with HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, has developed the world’s most advanced document security solution called Botoseal™, a solution with physical attributes and security features needed to develop and implement a successful document security strategy in any organization. The Botoseal™ solution comprises three interconnected modules of secure holographic seal, Smartsign application and Verifier application.

“Partnering with Botosoft on this innovative solution is a natural extension of HID Global’s commitment to add trust to a wide range of new use cases. HID Trusted Tag Services, coupled with Botoseal, ensures the authenticity of legal documents to combat counterfeiting,” said Mark Robinton, Director, Business Development & Strategic Innovation, Identification Technologies with HID Global.  “This unique solution leverages the cryptographically secure NFC tags and HID Cloud Authentication from our HID Trusted Services offering to provide peace of mind to users seeking to validate the authenticity of documents.

Botoseal™ replaces the conventional seal with a chip-embedded holographic seal, which offers unique security and physical attributes that prevent replication and hacking. This seal is tamper evident and provides absolute security on documents.

Digital signatures are impossible to forge, as opposed to traditional ink on paper. Botoseal™ Smartsign application allows you to digitally sign paper documents, thereby protecting your document and also assuring the recipients of its genuineness.  Leveraging on the NFC capabilities of smartphones, a tap of the phone on the document is all that is required to verify the document’s authenticity.

Botoseal™ Verifier application does not only seamlessly verify the authenticity of a document, but also gives the users access to tamper-evident digital copies of their document on the go. This solution offers a cost saving and efficient means of getting copies of paper documents, without the need for printers or photocopiers.

With Document control, management, and issuance being core to every business, Botoseal also features a document management platform that allows users, through a unified dashboard, to set document issuance privileges within any organization, track the usage of a document and revoke access to its use as necessary.

The introduction of Botoseal™ finally lays to rest the problem of document forgery, document doctoring, content alteration and signature falsification. It reverses the norm of easy forgery and difficult verification of document authenticity.

Botoseal™ facilitates the secure signing and seamless verification of documents authenticity with the simple tap of a smart phone.

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Botoseal™…the trust you need!

About Botosoft

We support organizations with security solutions needed to drive up performance while they focus on their core business. We develop solutions that help solve challenging problems with the use of cutting edge technologies and have gone on to develop valuable solutions in the following areas: Brand Protection, Identity Management Systems, Government to Citizen Solution and Document Security. Yearly, our mobile identification and Verification system is used by Africa’s foremost examination body. The West African Examinations Council securely verifies the identity of over 1.6 million students sitting for its examinations across 20 thousand locations annually. Through successful working relationships with our global partners, we have evolved to become an award-winning leader in security solutions. For more information, visit

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Agbeyo Tolulope
CEO, Botosoft Technologies

Source: BOTOSOFT Technologies Limited via GLOBE NEWSWIRE

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