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Brown-eyed Soul Dedicates New Song to Fans

SEOUL, Korea, Nov 02 (Korea Bizwire) – Brown-eyed Soul, the four-member Korean R&B group, has released a single album “Always Be There” to celebrate their tenth-year anniversary since debut. The song is, the members said, dedicated to the loyal fans who have been there despite their limited activity confined to album publication and concerts without TV appearance.

The album, the first time in three years, is distillation of their effort for the past few years to recreate the 1980s-style heart-warming sound. The music video has logged in so many clicks as all the four members are on the video for the first time ever.

Jeong Yeop showed off his professional-like skateboarding skills while Na-Ul appeared as an artist working in the studio. Yeong Jun boasted his masculinity on the outdoor basketball court and Seong Hun displayed his delicate and sensitive side in running a sewing machine. Try listening to what the four sweet R&B singers can offer after years of hiatus.

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