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BTS Commercials Lead to Company Success

Hansome Corp.'s new collections developed in collaboration with BTS. (image: Handsome)

Hansome Corp.’s new collections developed in collaboration with BTS. (image: Handsome)

SEOUL, May 18 (Korea Bizwire)K-pop boy band BTS is revitalizing South Korean retail industry that has been suffering from a precipitous drop in demand prompted by the coronavirus outbreak after clothing, massage chairs, and other products touted by the boy band have seen a major sales boost.

BTS’s worldwide popularity, in particular, is working as an advantage for businesses aiming to infiltrate foreign markets.

Handsome Corp., a South Korean fashion company, was recently overwhelmed by incoming orders after the release of new collections developed in collaboration with BTS.

The collection, to be released on May 27 through Handsome’s casual brands SYSTEM and SYSTEM HOMME, consists of 20 different t-shirts and dresses as well as hats, socks, and other accessories, that come with designs inspired by BTS’s signature song, “Blood Sweat & Tears.”

A teaser video posted on SYSTEM’s Twitter account had garnered more than 373,000 views just two days after the collection was first announced.

Videos posted on Handsome’s YouTube channel and SYSTEM’s Instagram account accrued 99,000 and 64,000 views, respectively.

An ad by fashion brand Fila featuring BTS. (image: Fila)

An ad by fashion brand Fila featuring BTS. (image: Fila)

Fila Korea Co., a major South Korean sportswear company, is also enjoying the benefits of signing a global advertisement contract with BTS after inking a deal last October.

The fashion company opened up an official Twitter account last December, no doubt inspired by BTS’s prolific use of the online service to communicate with its fans. The account currently owns some 300,000 followers.

Fila believes that a company commercial screened in a giant billboard in New York City’s Times Square early this year starring BTS wearing Fila’s signature garments successfully raised the company’s stature overseas.

BTS popularity has had a direct impact on sales for the brands it promotes.

Top massage chair maker Bodyfriend saw a sales boost of 38 percent compared to last year after a BTS commercial was released on April 15.

“There is another study that says BTS will generate economic effects worth 56 trillion won (US$45.5 billion) in the 10 years after the band’s debut,” an industry source said.

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