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Calendar Model Nurses Say “Just Hang On !“


SEOUL, Nov. 22 (Korea Bizwire)Male nurses working in an emergency room at Asan Medical Center in eastern Seoul have transformed into calendar models, showing off their well-built bodies.

It was an arduous undertaking for the guys — ten nurses in total — to make so-called ‘perfect bodies’ to be eligible for the calendar.

But their motivation proved strong enough: to promote positivity and encouragement to their colleagues who are reportedly on the brink of burnout in the wake of the pandemic.

In December of last year, more than one year into the pandemic, they were exhausted to the point that they felt like they were stuck in a rut, so they had to seek a new ‘motivation’.


They wanted to become stronger mentally as well as physically and they had one thing in common: they love athletic activities.

They said, “We — like any medical employees in the pandemic — are exhausted but try to be courageous. So you do not give up. Just hang on to the end.”

The revenue generated by sales of the calendar will be donated to the Community Chest of Korea, a local charity organization. The calendar will be available for purchase in December.

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