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“Rainbow” over the Philippines Sky

SEOUL, July 22 (Korea Bizwire) – K-pop girl group Rainbow entertained the troops dispatched to support the reconstruction work in the devastated areas hit by super Typhoon Haiyan November last year in the Philippines. During a reality TV show “Real Man,” the members of the program commemorated the rebuilding of Naga-naga Elementary School in the spot together with the [...]

Summer Sweeping Special Album of Girl’s Day, “Darling”

SEOUL, July 16 (Korea Bizwire) – K-pop girl group Girl’s Day released its music video for the summer special album title track “Darling.” Composed by “Idan Yeopchagi” (Double Sidekick), a hit-song maker including Girl’s Day’s January hit song “Something,” “Darling” is dance music with quick shuffle rhythm and brassy horns blasts. Its lyrics on their [...]

Idol Kid’s Charming Appearance to Encourage More “Childbirth”

SEOUL, July 11 (Korea Bizwire) – Choo Sarang, a lovely 2-year-old “idol kid” who happens to be the daughter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Choo Sung-hoon (Yoshihiro Akiyama), shows her love with mango in a recent TV program. Sarang, who is appearing in KBS-2 TV’s real-variety program “Superman Is Back,” showed her mango-loving preference very clearly [...]

Greatest Battle in History Begins Again! – Movie Trailer of “Roaring Currents”

SEOUL, July 10 (Korea Bizwire) – The main trailer of Korean film “Roaring Currents” was released. The film is a new work of “War of the Arrows” (2011) director Kim Han-min and famous actors like Choi Min-sik of “Old Boy,” Ryu Seung-ryong, Cho Jin-woong and Jin Goo were cast for the movie. Based on the Battle of Myeongryang, [...]