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f(x) Makes Comeback with Big Style Changes

SEOUL, July 5 (Korea Bizwire)K-pop girl group f(x) has made much anticipated return to the audience with their third full-length album, Red Light, which will be unveiled on July 7th. 

The teaser for Red Light, which has garnered more than 2 million hits in 22 hours of its showing on the Youtube site, features an experimental and dreamlike atmosphere, along with its catchy beat and tune. 

In a message displayed on the video, the girl group suggests you need to stop to think about important things in our lives. “Red light” is, in this respect, symbolizing an warning sign to your otherwise overlooked life patterns and the choreography has been created focusing on dynamic and restrained gestures in harmony with “Red Light.” 

Their new title has especially attracted much interest with Keone and Mariel Madrid’ joining the music video production and they have added hip-hop and groove motions in f(x)’s iconic cheerfulness, creating a distinctive group dance compared with their previous choreographic. Keone and Mariel Madrid, famous married duo, are professional dance choreographers in the music industry. 

F(x) has been recognized with their distinctive music styles with experimental and unique attempts in their every album release. As they have advanced in their ages, they try to put on sexy vibe, getting out of their ‘cute’ image. Please enjoy their style changes displayed in the much awaited new music album. 

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