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Funny Struggle to Catch Octopus Only with Mouth

SEOUL, July 29 (Korea Bizwire)In its vacation themed episode of MBC’s entertainment program “Infinite Challenge,” members offered scenes of boisterous laughter by catching octopus only with their mouths.

In the special episode of “Bang Kok,” which does not mean the tourist city of Thailand but “locking yourself up in your room” (being forced to spend your holiday in your house alone) literally in Korean, the members experienced snorkeling at a rooftop house. On the roof of the house, the program staff put a small water tank full of sea fish and let the members pick them up only by their mouths.

At first, the members seemed so embarrassed, but began struggling to catch them by sinking their faces into the water. In the meantime, Ha Ha succeeded in catching them up with his short body and finally became a hero of the sea.

Especially, when Ha Ha tried to catch an octopus by biting a leg of the octopus, Yoo Jae-suk, main MC of the show, and Jeong Jun-ha joined him, which reminds us a battle scene with Kraken in the Hollywood film of “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

In the unbearable heat of summer, how about joining the “Bang Kok” tour with the members of Infinite Challenge?

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