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CJ E&M Pushes Korean Animation Content to Southeast Asia

A scene from 'Robot Trains', an animation of CJ E&M. (Image : CJ E&M Homepage)

A scene from ‘Robot Trains’, an animation of CJ E&M. (Image : CJ E&M Homepage)

SEOUL, Dec.21 (Korea Bizwire)CJ E&M announced that it has signed an agreement with Click Licensing Asia, the largest character licensing company in Southeast Asia, and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) to export Korean animations to Southeast Asia.

Based on the agreement, CJ E&M will provide 20 popular Korean animations through its ‘Tooniverse Branded Block’ to present to viewers in Southeast Asia.

The ‘Tooniverse Branded Block’ is a programmed block that contains the programming know-how of the animation department at CJ E&M. More than 30 percent of the programmed content will be produced from small and medium-sized domestic productions.

Click Licensing Asia is concentrating on content licensing (using the character from a program to create additional content or merchandise), brand management and program distribution. With headquarters in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, the company is in charge of licensing animations such as ‘Pocket Monster’ and ‘Onepiece’.

Officials from CJ E&M comment that they will use their ‘Tooniverse Branded Block’ to aggressively program content that has potential but did not have the opportunity to set foot abroad. “Through the channel, we hope to serve as a bridge connecting Korean high-quality animations to the Southeast Asian market.”

By Francine Jung (francine.jung@kobizmedia.co.kr)

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