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Convenience Stores See Soaring Demand for Pet Care Items


SEOUL, Sept. 30 (Korea Bizwire)An increasing number of consumers are buying pet goods at convenience stores as they are closer and more accessible than exclusive pet shops.

Major convenience store chain GS25 saw pet goods sales rise by 44.3 percent between January 1 and September 26 compared to the same period last year.

Sales of pet care items for cats, such as snacks, jumped by 75 percent.

“We have been increasing our stock for cat snacks, cat litter, and absorbent pads recently,” GS25 said. “We’ve increased our stock of pet goods by approximately 11 percent since last year.”


CU saw a 44.6 percent increase in sales of pet food and snacks over the same period. Among them, cat snack sales jumped by a whopping 55.9 percent.

Emart24 saw a 52 percent increase in sales of pet goods. The convenience store chain currently sells some 100 kinds of pet care items after bringing up stock by 40 percent since last year.

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