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Convenience Stores Woo Clients with PB Combination Goods: Sources

7-Eleven's Lotus Cone ice cream. (image: 7-Eleven)

7-Eleven’s Lotus Cone ice cream. (image: 7-Eleven)

SEOUL, Apr. 1 (Korea Bizwire)South Korea’s convenience store chains are introducing private-label (PB) products that combine the features of best-selling items to entice clients seeking new products at lower prices, industry sources said Friday.

7-Eleven’s PB Yoghurt Flavored Jelly, a combination of yogurt and jelly, has gained popularity since its debut in 2016 and the products ranked ninth in terms of sales for the chain last year. A company source said more than 23 million units of the product have been sold so far.

The popularity of the products prompted other convenience store brands and food companies to make a variety of jelly products packaged with different flavors of ice creams, beverages and snacks.

7-Eleven’s PB Dongwon Tuna Ramyeon, a combination of tuna from Dongwon F&B Co. and Korean instant noodles, ranked third in ramyeon sales at the chain for the first three months this year.

7-Eleven also introduced PB products combining Welch’s juices and Lotus biscuits with various ice creams.

GS-25, another convenience store, also introduced Yours Spring Cherries Jubilee Sandwiches, a match of Baskin-Robbins’ Cherries Jubilee ice cream and sandwiches, early this month.

“Combination products have been gaining popularity as they have ignited the curiosity of clients,” an industry source said.


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