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Environment Ministry Spearheads Reusable Packaging Initiative

A reusable parcel delivery box. (image: Ministry of Environment)

A reusable parcel delivery box. (image: Ministry of Environment)

SEJONG, Nov. 20 (Korea Bizwire)Industry watchers suggest that parcel packaging materials will also be reusable in the future.

The Ministry of Environment will introduce reusable parcel packaging materials for the first time in cooperation with the retail and logistics industry for three months from Wednesday.

The measure is aimed at assessing the feasibility of on-site application of packing materials and ultimately expanding the reuse of parcel packaging materials.

According to the Korea Integrated Logistics Association, the quantity of goods transported was 2.3 billion boxes in 2017, and the figure has been increasing every year.

The pilot project will be carried out by selecting 300 customers who are interested in reusable parcel packaging materials among courier delivery customers.

When a customer purchases a product, it is shipped from a home shopping company CJ O Shopping Corp. in a reusable box instead of a traditional delivery box.

Afterwards, if a customer puts out a reusable box, a logistics company LogisALL Co., will retrieve the box, clean it, and deliver it back to CJ O Shopping.

The reusable box is made of polyethylene plastic that can be recycled, and measures 415mm × 280mm × 160mm.

The government plans to conduct a survey of customers using reusable parcels packaging materials, analyzing their satisfaction in various ways to review whether there is room for improvement.

M. H. Lee (mhlee@koreabizwire.com)

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