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Gangneung Creates Eye-catching Palm Tree Streets at Beaches

À̱¹ÀûÀΠdz°æÀÇ °­¸ª °æÆ÷Çغ¯

GANGNEUNG, Feb. 3 (Korea Bizwire)The eastern coastal city of Gangneung plans to turn the streets of Gyeongpo and Ahnmok beaches into eye-catching displays by planting palm trees typically seen on Jeju Island and the coasts of southern regions.

The city government plans to spend 500 million won (US$414,830) to place a total of 100 mobile pots for palm trees at the two beaches.

À̱¹ÀûÀΠdz°æÀÇ °­¸ª °æÆ÷Çغ¯

In September last year, the city government planted 50 palm trees in the neighborhood of Gyeongpo Beach and created a photo zone as part of efforts to raise the public’s awareness about climate change as well as to create eye-catching urban landscapes.

The city government also plans to build a greenhouse for the storage of palm tree pots with a floor space of 992 square meters.

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