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Gangneung Unveils Cafe-Style Tropical Garden at Solhyang Arboretum

the Gangneung Solhyang Arboretum

GANGNEUNG, Feb. 29 (Korea Bizwire) – The city of Gangneung in Gangwon Province has announced the opening of a unique cafe-style tropical botanical garden within the Gangneung Solhyang Arboretum, offering visitors a serene retreat among exotic tropical plants.

Construction of a new propagation greenhouse at the arboretum, the only registered arboretum in the Yeongdong region, began last May, with interior and exterior landscaping and ancillary facilities now complete and the new tropical botanical garden set to open on March 1.

the Gangneung Solhyang Arboretum

Adding to the two existing circular exhibition greenhouses that cover an area of 743 square meters, the new tropical botanical garden greenhouse boasts a gable-roofed structure covering 1,080 square meters.

It houses a collection of tropical flowering plants and Washingtonia palms among 40 species, totaling over 880 plants, arranged to offer visitors a diverse and exotic botanical experience.

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A notable feature of the greenhouse is the ‘ㄴ’-shaped two-story lounge area, designed to provide visitors with a comfortable vantage point to view the lush plant life from above.

Additionally, the space is furnished with numerous tables and chairs, creating a cafe-like ambiance where visitors can relax and unwind.

Solhyang Arboretum 2123

In line with the arboretum’s night-time opening, which commenced in June last year, the tropical botanical garden is also equipped with pathway lighting to enable evening visits, extending the arboretum’s offerings into the night.

Shin Seung-chun, the city official responsible for green spaces, expressed his enthusiasm for the new addition, stating, “The tropical botanical garden is not only a place for social gatherings but also serves as an educational venue where various experiential events can be held. We encourage everyone to make use of this space.”

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