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Gov’t Doubles Carbon Point Incentives


SEOUL, April 27 (Korea Bizwire)The Korea Environment Corp. (KEC), which operates under South Korea’s Ministry of Environment, has eased restrictions on participation in the carbon-point system for automobile owners and doubled incentive benefits from last year.

The carbon point system is a nationwide voluntary greenhouse gas reduction system where participants are given points based on vehicle performance.

Car owners who reduce the use of their vehicles and limit acceleration and sudden braking will be awarded points.

From Monday, the KEC, which will recruit participants for this year’s carbon-point system on a first-come, first-served basis, will calculate vehicle performance, including the reduction in vehicle use, until the end of October.


When a participant sends a picture of their vehicle’s dashboard, the reduction of performance will be calculated compared to the past mileage.

Depending on the performance, the KEC will pay up to 100,000 won (US$81) in carbon points in December, twice as much as last year.

Participants must be owners of non-commercial passenger cars and vans with fewer than 12 seats except for eco-friendly vehicles such as electric vehicles and hybrids.

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