[Kobiz Infographics] Forgot Your Phone Number? You Might Suffer from "Digital Dementia" | Be Korea-savvy

[Kobiz Infographics] Forgot Your Phone Number? You Might Suffer from “Digital Dementia”


SEOUL, Korea, Jan 27 (Korea Bizwire) – A reported surge in “digital dementia” has attracted many  smartphone users’ interest here in Korea as the typical symptoms of “digital dementia” seem quite exactly applicable to their individual cases: failing to remember everday details like their phone numbers.

According to a survey done by Do It Survey, one third of respondents said they could not remember the phone numbers of their immediate family members or close friends. Digital dementia is increasingly common symptoms like insomnia or migraine among Koreans these days.  

Dr Manfred Spitzer, a German neuroscientist who published a book titled “Digitale Demenz” [Digital Dementia] in 2012, argues the Internet makes you dumb, warning parents and teachers of the dangers of allowing children to spend too much time on a laptop, mobile phones.

So, is there a cure for this problem? Experts advise to “slim on your digital lifestyle” — use your smartphone or other digital gadgets less and less if possible and try to use your “real brain” more and more. It would be better for your mental health, for example, to write a diary or read newspaper or perform simple math calculations yourself.

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