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Kolon Sport “Hestia” Makes You Feel Warm

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct 10 (Korea Bizwire) – Kolon Sport unveiled a commercial featuring Jang Dong-gun and Tang Wei, the best-known male and female actors representing Korea and China respectively, for its new line of “Hestia” winter jacket line. The first installment of the commercial series began with Jang as the lead actor and Tang as voice-over. The next installment targeting the Chinese market will feature Tang as the lead person.

In the latest commercial, Jang showed himself off wearing a winter “Hestia” coat instead of his trademark suit and tie. The commercial message begins with Tang’s sweet voice-over narration, “Do you know…because you are flawless and you have timeless appeal. Winter knows how warms you are and how much I need you….” It makes you think as if you would be warm as soon as you put on one of the Hestia coats.

Already, the commercial has become popular among viewers in Korea and expectations are high about the upcoming Tang Wei series. Watch the Kolon Sport advertisement and feel the warmth of Tang’s voice.

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