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KT to Open Future of “GiGA Age” Based on Its 20 Years of Internet Service

KT will concentrating on realizing “GiGAtopia,” a mobile environment connected through superfast gigabit technology. (image: KT)

KT will concentrating on realizing “GiGAtopia,” a mobile environment connected through superfast gigabit technology. (image: KT)

SEOUL, June 21 (Korea Bizwire) June 20 was the 20th anniversary of the commercial Internet service in Korea. KT began the first Internet service in the name of KORNET on June 20, 1994 with the speed of 9.6Kbps, 10,000 times slower than the current average Internet speed of 100 Mbps.

Since KT’s initiative and following technology development of the Internet such as ADSL, VDSL, FTTH and now Giga Internet, Korea has leaped forward as a global ICT powerhouse with new business services based on the Internet such as portals, community services and games.

During that time, Korea’s Internet usage rate rose to 82 percent last year from 66 percent in 2003. Especially, the uptake rate among teens to their 30s is close to 99 percent and the Internet created ever-changing trends in shopping, finance and public services.

Now, the Internet service is evolving as the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting all the things without distinction of people and things. IoT enables us to countermeasure more positively to the change of surrounding environment and situation by real-time collection, transmission and analysis of information. The domestic market volume of IoT will grow up to 30 trillion won by 2020, 13 times higher than last year’s 2.3 trillion and IoT will lead the Internet market.

KT named the hyper-connected revolution among things as “GiGA Age” and will increase its competitiveness in the fixed line-wireless integrated network based on its strength in the fixed-line Internet by investing 4.5 trillion won.

At first, KT will provide a Giga-class FTTH Internet service, 10 times faster than the current one during the latter half of this year. Through the ultra-high speed Internet, consumers can enjoy high-quality contents easily at home like high-definition videos, real-time two-way educational classes and the like.

Also, KT plans to build the infrastructure for customers to enjoy giga-level Internet by providing GiGA Path, integration of broadband LTE and Giga Wi-Fi, and GiGA Wire, the transmission technology which increases Internet speed three times faster by using existing copper lines. It will also commercialize the GiGA TV service within this year providing UHD video 10 times clearer than current DMB TV.


Concentrating on realizing “GiGAtopia,” a mobile environment connected through superfast gigabit technology, converging telecommunications and different industries in five sectors of smart energy, integrated security, next-generation media, health care and intelligent traffic control, KT will grow up further and contribute to the creative economy and economic development.

KT also will actively prepare for the “GiGA Age” by providing IPv6 which can be directly interlocked with major overseas networks. KT began providing the latest version of Internet Protocol that can be used to provide IP addresses for smartphones or electronic appliances since June 10.

The service provides 40-GB speed by interlocking with overseas networks bypassing the Korea Internet & Security Agency and an almost unlimited number of IP addresses, compared to other carriers’ IPv4, which provides up to only 4.3 billion Internet addresses.

An official at KT said, “KT began the Internet service in Korea and accompanied all the technical developments. Based on the accumulated technologies and insights, we will lead the GiGA Age by providing a perfect fixed line-wirelessnetwork service and keep the leading position in the telecommunications market.”

Written by John Choi (johnchoi@koreabizwire.com)

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