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NFL Super Bowl 2014 Champion, Michael Robinson, Chooses Fresh Healthy Vending for New Business Venture

The Seattle Seahawks’ fullback will utilize his healthy vending franchise to encourage health and wellness throughout Virginia and beyond. (image: Fresh Healthy Vending/wikimedia)

The Seattle Seahawks’ fullback will utilize his healthy vending franchise to encourage health and wellness throughout Virginia and beyond. (image: Fresh Healthy Vending/wikimedia)

SAN DIEGO, Mar 28, 2014 (Korea Bizwire) - Fresh  Healthy Vending International, Inc. (OTC  Markets: VEND), North America’s leading healthy vending franchisor,  announces its completed franchise deal with Super Bowl 2014 Champion  Michael Robinson, who today purchased 10 Fresh Healthy Vending Combo  machines. Continuously aspiring to encourage today’s youth to lead  healthy lifestyles through knowledge and education, the Seattle  Seahawks’ fullback will use his Fresh Healthy Vending franchise to  complement his youth-oriented foundation: Excel  to Excellence.

A 9-year NFL veteran, having also played four years for the San  Francisco 49ers, Robinson is a Virginia native and recently relocated  back to his hometown of Richmond, where he decided to start his Fresh  Healthy Vending franchise: Healthy Treats. In both Richmond and Henrico  Counties, where he started his foundation in 2010, Robinson plans to  begin installing all 10 Fresh Healthy Vending machines into schools,  businesses and community centers by late spring.

“I have always been a planner, so I had been looking into the healthy  vending industry for some time, after an NFL-personnel friend of mine  expressed his positive experience and success with a Fresh Healthy  Vending franchise. For me, it was another business venture to pursue in  the off-season, as well as think about for my post-NFL career,” said  Robinson. “When I realized how directly related Fresh Healthy Vending’s  initiatives were to my foundation’s, I began working on starting my own  franchise, here in Virginia, where there is a need for not only  educating our youth about healthy lifestyles, but providing them with  the resources to make those positive changes possible. I am thrilled  with the amount of support I have already received from the community.”

Robinson founded the Excel to Excellence Foundation, Inc. to address his  concern for underserved children throughout the community and now  provides additional guidance for students to be successful in academics,  community service and extracurricular activities. As part of the  non-profit, Robinson mobilizes his NFL teammates and friends to lead  free, youth football camps and incentive programs to increase attendance  and grade point averages among kids and teens.

“A large part of my efforts are motivated from a health scare I  experienced last year. After having a terrible reaction to a prescribed  medication, my liver and kidneys began shutting down and I lost 30  pounds in just a couple of weeks. It was then that I truly realized what  it means to appreciate good health,” said Robinson. “I want to be able  to provide resources for good health to as many people as I can,  starting with the youth in Virginia, and particularly in the  underprivileged areas where they don’t know anything better than junk  and fast food. A lot is about to change here very soon; we’re changing  lives one snack at a time.”

With an emphasis on educating youth about healthy choices, Robinson  anticipates that his Healthy Treats franchise will expand outside of  Virginia in the coming years, with potential partners in other regions  of the U.S. already interested in the concept.

“We’re extremely honored to welcome Mr. Robinson to the Fresh Healthy  Vending team as a new franchisee and know that his experience as a  professional athlete and advocate for today’s youth will aid in his  success with this franchise,” said Alex Kennedy, CEO of Fresh Healthy  Vending. “We know that Mr. Robinson can make a strong impact throughout  these first two regions, as he has already expressed the endorsement of  both local school districts, as well as the Mayor of Richmond, all  likely a result of the positive changes that have already materialized  due to his localized efforts.”

This May, Fresh Healthy Vending plans to sponsor Robinson and his NFL  peers for their 5th annual youth football camp in Virginia,  with more than 500 participants and more than 3,000 spectators.

For more information on Fresh Healthy Vending, the franchise program, or  to receive a free healthy vending machine in your school or business,  visit  or call toll free 888-902-7558.

About Fresh Healthy Vending

Fresh Healthy Vending, based in San Diego, California, is North  America’s leading healthy vending franchisor. Fresh Healthy Vending  pioneered the concept of vending machines stocked with tried-and-tested  fresh, healthy snack options and capitalizes on a growing market of  health conscious consumers. The company has appointed more than 215  franchisees throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the  Bahamas and is looking to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who  share its vision.

The company offers three different machines: The Healthy Vending Combo  snack and drink machine, Healthy Vending Café that brews gourmet hot  beverages in less than 40 seconds, and the brand new Healthy Vending  Touch – the only 46” 3D interactive touch screen vending machine.

The company has more than 2,500 machines installed in schools,  universities, hospitals, community centers, military bases, airports,  fitness facilities, YMCAs, libraries and many other types of locations.

Fresh Healthy Vending believes that it is currently the only vending  company providing a comprehensive integrated business model that:

  1. Has an integrative focus on securing qualified locations for vending  machine placement on behalf of franchisees
  2. Has an in-house products department which creates specialized menus  specific to each location
  3. Has a corporate owned machine division to provide an independent  revenue stream separate to franchise sales
  4. Provides franchisees with best practices obtained and enhanced by  experience of directly operating machines and managing routes
  5. Delivers a one of a kind franchise coaching program to assist  franchisees with developing their healthy vending business using the  company’s Steps to Success Program

Fresh Healthy Vending’s stock is traded through the OTC  Markets, Symbol: VEND.

For more information on Fresh Healthy Vending, the Franchise Program, or  to receive a free healthy vending machine in your school or business,  visit  or call toll free 888-902-7558.

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Source: Fresh Healthy Vending (via Business Wire)

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