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North Gyeongsang Province to Release Dokdo Shrimp


ANDONG, May 25 (Korea Bizwire)The North Gyeongsang Province Fisheries Research Institute has released 200,000 Dohwa shrimp near the country’s easternmost islets of Dokdo and the nearby Ulleungdo island to restore the shrimp population.

Also referred to as the Dokdo shrimp, approximately 100,000 prawns were released near Wangdolcho in the East Sea.

Starting from last December, the institute has nurtured newly hatched shrimps for six months before setting them free into the wild.


Dohwa shrimp, the largest among the three varieties of Dokdo shrimp (Dohwa, Pandalopsis Japonica, and Lebbeus Groenlandicus).

Despite the growing demand, shrimp catches were declining. Dohwa shrimp currently fetch a price of 200,000-300,000 won (US$150-226) per kilogram. This premium seafood has witnessed a surge in demand partly due to a decrease in the fish catch.

dokdo shrimp_01

Distinguished by its yellowish-red body color adorned with white spots on the head, the Humpback shrimp is renowned for its firm flesh, delightful sweetness, and umami flavor.

Kim Jung-kwon, the director of Gyeongbuk-do in the East Sea rim regional center, stated, “In light of the changes in the marine ecosystem and declining fishery resources, our focus is on enhancing fishery competitiveness through resource recovery and research and development of high-value specialized shrimp varieties. We are committed to consistently releasing these varieties onto Dokdo, our nation’s symbolic island, to strengthen our territorial position effectively.”

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