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Off-Street Parking Areas to Allocate More Space for Eco-friendly Cars


SEOUL, Aug. 28 (Korea Bizwire)Off-street parking areas will now be required to add more spaces for electric, hydrogen, and other eco-friendly vehicles, and riverside parking lots will be obliged to install safety facilities to prevent flooding.

Off-street parking areas refer to parking lots or spaces set up outside of roads or traffic squares.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced Thursday that relevant legislation will be amended to add the new requirements.

The amended legislation will require all new off-street parking lots to allocate more than five percent of the parking spaces to eco-friendly cars.


The government also plans to require other parking lots to allocate reserved space for eco-friendly cars within 12 months after the new amendment comes into effect.

EV charging stations in off-street parking lots, which are currently allowed to use 20 percent of the parking area for installation, will now be available for additional installation even if they use more than 20 percent of the parking spaces.

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