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S. Korean Companies Begin Patent Race for Smart CCTV

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, Dec. 24 (Korea Bizwire)Video footage from closed circuit television shared via online networks is beginning to be used as baseline data for big data analysis, raising demand for related core technology as the world enters the 4th Industrial Revolution.

To meet those needs, South Korean tech companies are actively applying for patents related to CCTV with online networking features.

The Korean Intellectual Property Office revealed that there were 42 patent applications for smart CCTV in 2016, which was three times more than the previous year. The number of applications has remained high ever since.

Among the applications over the past five years, 104 came from small to medium-sized companies, 45 from private individuals, and 16 from universities.

In South Korea, video processing technology for smart CCTV has been one of the core technologies led by small to medium-sized companies.

With regards to the focus of the technology, 42 applications were related to crime prevention and investigation, 38 to traffic control, 37 to data encryption and security, 30 to face and plate number recognition, and 20 to disaster monitoring and prevention.

This year, only two patent applications were related to crime prevention and investigation, falling significantly after reaching an all-time high of 20 in 2014.

However, patents pertaining to data encryption and security rose from three to 19 over the same period. Technology related to face and plate recognition is also becoming increasingly popular.

The trend shows that the focus of today’s network CCTV technology is shifting away from crime prevention to delve deeper into the identification and security authorization sectors.

Smart CCTV will be capable of understanding the video footage that it is recording, based on the processed data that it receives from a computer connected to the network.

This will not only allow users to monitor any indications for disasters, control traffic, crack down on illegal parking, and manage parking lots, but also assist in displaying merchandise at stores based on the analysis on in-store customer traffic, as well as placing staff in appropriate locations.

“We are expecting more patents from plate number recognition, disaster management, and other sectors where CCTV is used to capture video footage that can be shared over wireless networks via internet protocol or Internet of Things,” said Jang Hyun-sook, head of multimedia broadcasting evaluation at the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

“We are also expecting more from the hacking prevention and security authorization sectors.”

Kevin Lee (kevinlee@koreabizwire.com)

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