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S. Korean Fashion Firm Handsome Unveils AI-designed Clothes

The Dino Hood Tee designed by Designovel's artificial intelligence program. (image: Handsome)

The Dino Hood Tee designed by Designovel’s artificial intelligence program. (image: Handsome)

SEOUL, Nov. 28 (Korea Bizwire)South Korean fashion company Handsome said Wednesday it will release the country’s first clothes designed with artificial intelligence technology.

Handsome, an affiliate of Hyundai Department Store Group, said it joined forces with Designovel to create new patterns for clothes released under the SJYP brand. Designovel is a startup specializing in AI fashion technology.

The fashion company said the first product, dubbed Dino Hood Tee, is printed with an image of a dinosaur and toy blocks designed by Designovel’s program, Style AI.

The graphic was based on 330,000 images, including characters and logos, provided by Handsome.

Style AI utilizes a convolutional neural network, which is an image processing technology to modify patterns.

Handsome said it will review whether the AI technology can be applied in other areas of its fashion business.


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