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Samsung Develops Advanced Battery Tech for EVs

(image: Korea Bizwire)

(image: Korea Bizwire)

SEOUL, March 10 (Korea Bizwire)Samsung Electronics Co. said Tuesday its researchers have developed an advanced battery technology that can boost performance of electric vehicles (EVs).

Samsung’s study on new all-solid-state battery technology was presented to Nature Energy, one of the world’s leading scientific journals, the South Korean tech giant said.

Compared with lithium-ion batteries that are widely used in EVs, all-solid-state batteries boast greater energy density and are safer as they utilize solid electrolytes instead of liquid electrolytes, according to Samsung.

Samsung researchers said they have proposed utilizing a silver-carbon (Ag-C) composite layer as the anode.

“Measuring just 5 micrometers thick, the ultrathin Ag-C nanocomposite layer allowed the team to reduce anode thickness and increase energy density up to 900 watt-hours per liter,” Samsung said.

“It also enabled them to make their prototype approximately 50 percent smaller by volume than a conventional lithium-ion battery.”

Samsung said using such technology would enable an EV to drive up to 800 kilometers on a single charge with a cycle life of over 1,000 charges.


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