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Samsung Electronics Launches “Galaxy Round” Commercial

SEOUL, Korea, Oct 30 (Korea Bizwire) – Samsung Galaxy Threw a Curve. Samsung Electronics has unveiled on October 10 the Galaxy Round with the world’s first flexible display. The specs of the Galaxy Round are almost identical to those of the Galaxy Note 3 including a 2.3-GHz Quad-core application processor. But the Round is 0.4 mm thinner than that for the Note 3 because of the plastic screen instead of one made of glass. Its weight is also about 10 percent lighter than its predecessor.

Boasting smartphone-best full HD resolution, the Galaxy Round has a curvature radius of 400 mm in its screen and is easy to grip in one hand. All the images featured in the commercial including a baby’s hand, an egg, and a lemon are round and soft in their feel. Just like the narrator says in the commercial “I always wanted to touch a curved surface,” you may also want to do the same. Let’s try how the Galaxy Round, the curved smartphone, will feel to you.

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